Moon Beam Rider

The moon… seems magical sometimes, doesn’t it?  We have been graced recently with the Super Blue Blood moon, a rare and awe-inspiring sight, but even just the regular moon induces a sense of wonder.  That bright orb in a dark sky can be a source of comfort with its light pouring into a child’s room at night… works its way into youthful dreams of becoming a Moon Beam Rider.  How lucky I was to grow up as the daughter of a poet who spun original bedtime stories almost nightly for my sister and I when we were young!  Sadly, although he talked about it, my father never did write these stories down and my sister’s and my memories of them have faded to general outlines over these decades since. I have often thought of trying to bring them back to life in a ballet, and this spring FRCBA will be doing just that!  All ages and levels will find their place in this ballet, so come join the fun and audition on Feb. 11!  Rehearsals will begin in March for the performances on May 26 & 27 at the Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre.  Details can be found here.

"Throughout the night, while he sleeps, his hands play nocturnes. Music spun from dreams, stretching from his fingers, light then shadow, moonbeams dancing in the branches of trees. […] Their undulations swim toward her and silver the dark, like those tiny bells the moon rings over ripples on a lake."

 -From Nocturnes, by Charles Levendosky

Moon Beam Dancer

In the midst of cold days and nights, it can be difficult to think ahead to summer, but already many of us are making our plans.  I am looking forward to devoting my summer months this year to the studio, and not splitting my attentions between FRCBA and the Forest Service as I have done in the past. I will be offering a regular schedule of classes, summer intensive workshops (for ages 10 through adult – advanced beginners through advanced dancers) as well as teacher training courses. Please look soon for all this information to appear on the FRCBA website.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, FRCBA is offering our usual Pas de Deux (“Step of Two” – ballet partnering) class on Saturday Feb. 10.  Don’t miss out!  It is not necessary to bring your own partner, but if you can and want to, so much the better! 

Looking forward to sharing these busy and creative months ahead with all of you beautiful dancers!