Dancing in the New Year

With the new year upon us, let us continue to dance beauty into this world! 2017 was a full year at FRCBA with an original production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the creation of a new website with stunning photos of FRCBA students, the advent of a new teacher training program, and Saturday classes at a beautiful large studio space. The joys will continue in 2018 with many more plans in the works!

Our December performance of Goddess Counsel brought to light the awe-inspiring diversity and strength of our community at FRCBA – the immeasurable gifts that are brought into our studio by each of the students who attends here and becomes a part of our FRCBA family. Such welcoming arms are extended to each new face who enters though our doors. The angst that might follow a tentative new student into the studio is soon dispelled as veteran FRCBA dancers offer a space at the barre where a new student can have someone to watch, and as jokes and introductions dispel any tension that clings to a new student. While serious and intent upon consistent self-progress, dancers cheer each other’s successes, relate stories of their own struggles to master a particular step, and encourage each other in their endeavors. What a place of great beauty and soul! In this little microcosm, an example is set for the wider world.

Ballet Friendships

Dance lifts our spirits, fills and expresses our souls, trains and strengthens our bodies, and builds comradery. Let 2018 be filled with DANCE! After a refreshing break, the studio re-opens its welcoming arms on Jan. 6.  Looking forward to seeing you then!