Amanda L.

My daughter began taking private ballet with the owner, Ixchel, back in the summer of 2009 to help with her competitive figure skating.  When Front Range Classical Ballet Academy was officially opened in 2010 she continued to train there.  Ixchel is an excellent ballet instructor.  She is a beautiful dancer herself with wonderful technique.  She passes this on to her students with her demanding curriculum and enthusiasm for teaching.  My daughter has been dancing since she was 2, but it was not until she began training with Ixchel that she went to the next level to become a serious ballet student.  Recently my daughter took a master adult ballet class and the instructor inquired right away to ask who my daughter had been training with.  Ixchel's attention to detail has made my daughter a stand out in all her classes.  Ixchel gives each student individual attention to their technique to make sure that they are doing each move correctly.  It has been amazing to watch my daughter grow as a dancer and I look forward to having her train with Ixchel for many years to come.