Kim T.

I am a bit conflicted about publicizing how much I love this place, because classes might get too crowded. I also don't write reviews very often. But here goes. If you want to become a better ballet dancer (to the point of obsession), no matter what your level of ability, Ixchel can help you get there. FRCBA offers many classes throughout the week to accommodate a variety of schedules, and the affordable rates mean I can cram as many as humanly possible into my calendar. The combination of frequent classes with high-quality instruction have made me a better dancer than I ever thought would be possible, having started ballet in my mid-20s. There are students of all ages and abilities, yet Ixchel manages to give each student personalized attention and instruction to guide them towards being the best dancer they can be. The studio atmosphere is relaxed, yet focused, and very welcoming to newcomers. Can't recommend this place highly enough!