Ballet Teacher Training Program

Certification program that prepares you to teach Teen/Adult Beginning Ballet, Advanced Beginning Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, and Pre/Beginning Pointe.

Click here for information about the Summer 2018 Teacher Training Program.

Professional Ballet Training

Teacher Training program

Danced for years and eager to share your love of dance with others? You know how to dance and what the steps are, but not sure how to convey that to your students? FRCBA is now offering teacher training courses for beginning through intermediate and beginning pointe levels!

Come train for one or more levels and feel confident as you address your students. Interested graduates will have the opportunity to teach or substitute at FRCBA for the level at which they have trained. All graduates of the course will receive a certificate of training in the level they studied which they can present to any studio at which they are applying for a teaching position.

Program description

• Observe an experienced teacher who has had the opportunity to learn from many world-class dancers during her career and who has been teaching ballet for almost 3 decades
• Learn how to introduce movements in the most effective way to your students
• Find out what are the most important aspects of technique to focus on at beginning through intermediate levels
• Learn what common mistakes and misconceptions to watch for at each level
• Practice teaching these levels while being observed and evaluated; discussion will follow to help you improve your teaching
• Review proper terminology
• Understand key differences between ballet styles – e.g. Vaganova, Cecchetti

Ballet Teacher Certification Program

Classical Ballet Teacher Training

Further Information

  • Multiple programs may be offered yearly
  • Please contact us to register or for details on upcoming programs