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Petite Ballerinas

How do I register?

Please contact us to register your child for a free trial class. Please fill out the registration form and liability waiver and bring them with you to your child’s trial class.

Where are you located?

Classes are held at 2709 Ringneck Drive, Fort Collins (SW of Drake and College) in an intimate dance studio located in a private home.

We are currently looking to expand our studio in a larger location.

What is the dress code?

  • Female dancers (ages 6 and under):
    • Solid colored leotards
    • Pink tights (may be omitted during warmer months)
    • Pink leather ballet shoes
    • Ballet skirts (may be disallowed on certain occasions)
    • Hair pulled out of face in a ballet bun, pony/piggy tales, or 1/2 back, if shorter
  • Female dancers (ages 7+):
    • The above dress code
    • Tights are mandatory
    • Ballet buns are mandatory
  • Male Dancers (all ages):
    • White t-shirt
    • Black bike shorts or plain colored sweat pants
    • Black leather ballet shoes

Is this curriculum appropriate for my dancer’s age and abilities?

  • Pre-Ballet Ages 3-5:  We work on jumps, hops, skips, leaps, chasses, and other loco-motor movements. Some tumbling skills such as forward/backward rolls, cartwheels and bridges may be practiced for flexibility and strength in core and upper body. We use imagination, props, storytelling, dynamics, and space exploration to teach young dancers about movement and creativity within set boundaries.
  • Intro to Ballet Ages 6-9: Dancers begin their classical training at the ballet barre with growing focus and attention to body awareness and placement. Freedom to move within boundaries given is practiced at the end of each class.
  • Ages 7+: Dancers are taught classical ballet curriculum based on Vaganova technique. Students will be taken to the level of pointe work and pre-professional depending upon their commitment level.

How do I drop off/pick up my dancer?

Please bring dancers no more than 10 minutes early to class. We have other classes finishing and it is very distracting to have people coming into the studio. The front door opens into the studio area.

Shoes must be removed at the door to keep our dance floor clean. Dancers' shoes and belongings are to be taken to the dressing room and gathered after class.

 Please take your dancer to the restroom before class (first door on the left). Be sure they can manage that alone as I will not be able to help during class, unless a problem occurs.

May I stay and observe classes?  

During normal classes, you can stay in our small dressing room (first door on the right down the hall). There are toys for younger siblings in the dressing room that must be put away when you leave.

We have a special Parent Watch Day. On our last day of each session, parents are welcome to watch our "mini-performance." You will see a regular class day and what we do. Sometimes, there may be a little something we have prepared specially for you to see! This helps our students prepare for performances.

Can my dancer bring food, drinks, or birthday treats to class?

No gum chewing is allowed in class. Water bottles are permitted, but since they can be a distraction, it is preferable not to have them. Treats for birthdays brought by parents MUST be approved by other parents before their child can receive one. They are only handed out at the end of class. Teachers DO NOT give out treats.

Does FRCBA accept payment by credit card? 

Not currently. Cash and check are both accepted methods of payment.  Checks should be made out to Petite Ballerinas or Deneice Dyer. Receipts are given upon request.

How does tuition payment work?

Tuition is due a week before the session begins. For continuing students, tuition is due the last day of the previous session.

What performance opportunities are there?

Dancers age 4 and up are allowed to perform.

  • We perform during the Festival of Trees in Greeley on the Monday evening after Thanksgiving.
  • We perform on Saturdays at local retirement centers in Fort Collins, Windsor and Greeley in November and December.
  • Spring performances are done in conjunction with FRCBA adult performance troupe. Petite Ballerinas ages 5 and up are invited to perform with them.

Do Petite Ballerinas participate in the dance competition circuit?

No, and we never will!! The Petite Ballerinas curriculum is focused on ballet as an art form, rather than ballet for competition.