Building Community with Dance

Goddess Counsel May 2018;  Photo by Bebelliet Studios

Goddess Counsel May 2018;

Photo by Bebelliet Studios



          In a couple of weeks, I shall have the opportunity to experience this in a heightened way.  I will be participating as an instructor at the DANCE BEYOND the LIMITS event – a second annual “Inclusive Dance Convening” produced by Dance Express.  Open to all people, this event will be an opportunity to share the experience of dance with people who have various disabilities, both physical and intellectual.  Last year, while visiting cousins in California who have a daughter with severe mental disabilities, I had the wonderful experience of attending with them a church service for people of different abilities.  At this service, an older gentleman took my hands and danced with me to the music that was being played before the service.  It was clear how much this connection meant to him as he had no ability to speak in words, but he was able to connect and share meaning through movement.

            It is my hope that FRCBA is a place where people come to find a part of themselves, through movement, through artistic expression, through the meditation of deep concentration on the rigors of ballet technique, but also a place where people come to find community and connection with others.  In sharing this experience that can touch deeply to the human soul, we can connect with others sometimes in ways that are difficult with words, but organic through movement.  Perhaps this is why dance is such an integral part of nearly every human society on the planet.  No words are necessary- just the movement is enough to speak deeply of who we are and for others to respond – a universal language that often cannot even be translated into words, but which moves us and brings us together.

The Space Between May 2018;  Photo by Bebelliet Studios

The Space Between May 2018;

Photo by Bebelliet Studios

            All are welcome at this event, and I would encourage any who are interested to take this opportunity to share movement with the broader community in which we live, but with whom we rarely have the opportunity to connect.  The event takes place Saturday, Oct. 6 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at Club Tico.  For tickets call: 970-493-2113.  For scheduling, pricing, and registration go to